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Life Skills 

Independent living skills are the skills that a person needs on a daily basis to live independently.

Life skills must be taught to children and adults with special education to help them become independent and successful.


According to, there are 15 life skills that are important to develop:

  1. Managing Finances

  2. Maintaining a Household

  3. Maintaining Personal Needs

  4. Staying Safe

  5. Being a Responsible Citizen

  6. Enjoying Leisure and Recreational Activities

  7. Traveling Within the Community

  8. Achieving Self-Awareness

  9. Growing in Self-Confidence

  10. Becoming Independent

  11. Communicating with Others

  12. Exploring Occupations

  13. Seeking and Securing Employment

  14. Demonstrating Appropriate Work Habits and Behaviors

  15. Learning Occupational Skills


Life skills instruction combines academic, daily living, occupational, and interpersonal skills to teach students how to live and work in the community.

Schedule your consultation call to start the steps to create a plan to help develop the specific life skills goals for your child. 

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